Our commitment to staff training and training materials, together with a large stock of spares means that a high proportion of our calls are solved first time, same day resolution.  Your uptime and satisfaction is our primary concern.

Lasertecs Pty Ltd is a specialist printer service and repair company.  We are an Australian owned and operated company Servicing Mornington Peninsula.

The Lasertecs commitment to provide quality and reliable service has allowed us to achieve significant growth in our business.  This has given us the foundation to stay in business for over 27 years. At Lasertecs it is important that we maintain our focus on you our customer as well as our core business of service and repair of laser, inkjet and multi-function printers and copiers.

The Lasertecs strength is in the simplicity of our focus on printer service and repair and enables us to react quickly to the needs of our customers and our alliance partners. We are committed to offering value for money. We feature fixed price labour rates for both our on-site and workshop repairs.  We are committed to employing world’s best practices.


on-site repair

On-Site Repair

Lasertecs specialize in prompt same day service including emergency after hours service. That is the Lasertecs Way


Preventative Maintenance

Reduce down time.  The Lasertecs preventative maintenance program is complete, thorough and guaranteed. Regular maintenance saves you time and money.


Fixed Price

Take advantage of our excellent rates, no hourly fees or travel time charged. (Mornington Peninsula, most models.)

Used Printer

Used Printers

Lasertecs have a number of used and reconditioned printers in excellent condition For-Sale.



Get more life from your printer. Use Lasertecs professional staff to make your old printer new again.

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Which Paper should I Use?

Experiencing Paper jams?

Have you looked at the paper you have in your printer?

That will be one of the first things that a service person calling on you for paper jam problems will look at. Surprised? Well may be not, but have a look at the paper you are using anyway. Look at the packaging first, does it say anything about which side should be printed on first for best results? This advise is printed on some paper wrapping to advise you that the paper has been prepared and cut in a certain way. Paper manufacturing is an exacting science and grain, finish and the way the paper is cut and even stored may affect the way your printer reacts with it.

Excessive paper dust, kindly supplied free of charge by some paper manufacturers, can accumulate inside your printer and cause premature wear of pickup rollers, fusing rollers, gears and other working parts. After all you are pressing trees through your printer and better quality paper will mean less trouble for your printer. If your purchasing or budgeting constraints don’t allow you to purchase the better quality paper, at least have your printer checked and serviced regularly to minimise damage and downtime caused by paper related problems.

InkJet (BubbleJet)

These are by far the most common personal printers purchased today because they are cheap to buy and usually offer affordable colour printing which will add so much to the look of your assignment or report.

Starting at around $200 these units are quiet and produce better looking documents, not only in colour but also in black.

They are slow and relatively expensive to run. Colour is great if you need it, but at around $1.00 per page (or more if you have a lot of solid colour objects on the page) you will need to be careful how you use it. The biggest complaint we get about these printers is the cost of ink cartridges (around $50 each) and that they don’t last very long. Even black printing can cost up to $.20 per page so you don’t want to be printing lots of draft copies. Due to these costs, quite understandably, some users resort to ink cartridge refills which are much cheaper however, a word of caution: these are messy and have been known to cause damage to the printer so take care and make sure that you don’t void the manufacturers warranty by using such alternatives. A common problem with these machines is the ink accumulating and drying on the various working parts inside the machine and having these units checked and serviced will prolong the life of the unit.

Bottom line: Choose an inkjet printer if you need colour but consider the cost of printing not just the purchase price. We suggest that you see these machines in use in order to compare the quality, speed of printing and value for money before you buy.

Office Printing

Most office printers are laser printers due to the speed, quality and the low running costs. There are office size inkjet printers providing colour printing, however, the purchase prices of colour laser printers have dropped considerably and these machines are now providing more versatile printing options. A colour laser printer can print at the speed of normal black only network laser printers so this alone will justify half the cost of buying a colour laser printer. And, instead of buying an office colour inkjet printer, why not invest that money in an all-in-one colour laser printer for convenience, speed and better performance. Colour laser printers taking over from black only laser printers as the main office printer, (although we believe that there are some amazing inkjet printing technologies in development). The main advantage of laser printers over inkjets is that they use a cleaner process, this being dry toner powder as compared to ink which accumulates inside the printers and causes print quality and other problems in inkjet printers.

The cost of ownership is an issue with this type of printer and again, as appears to be the case with most inkjet vs. laser cost of ownership comparisons the inkjet is cheaper to buy but the laser is cheaper to run. The cost of ownership differences between the manufacturers can run into $10,000’s over the life of machines and careful consideration should be given to this before purchase. Most manufacturers have these comparisons readily available and if not ask them for it or email us for more information which we will try to provide.

Dot Matrix

Dot matrix printers are still available but these are usually purchased for special purpose printing such as multiple part invoices where a carbon copy is created by the impact of the print head on the paper.

These machines are reliable, require little maintenance and are very cheap to run.

A ribbon costing $6.00 could last 12 months, which is a fraction of the cost of inkjet cartridges. The downside to these machines are speed, noise and print quality.

However, a modern dot matrix printer is still good value for money in some cases and may be worth a look at.

Bottom line: Choose dot matrix if you need to print on multiple part paper.

Personal/SOHO Printer

Laser printers are the fastest machines and produce the sharpest print quality if you need to print standard black and white documents. At around four times the speed of dot matrix and inkjet printers, laser printers prepare jobs a whole page at a time instead of the line by line method employed in dot matrix and inkjet printers. These units are usually much more reliable as there is no messy ink to cause problems. Also, your running costs will be between $.01 and $.04 per page, depending the brand and type of toner used. The two main toner systems used are an all-in-one toner cartridge and a toner refill system similar to photo copiers. It is again important to look at the running costs of the various brands of machines. Re-manufactured toner cartridges are available for some models. However, in our experience, the most important factor in choosing this type of printer is the availability of parts. Firstly, buy a brand that has local support and parts available should you need a parts. There are number of machines being sold where parts and service arrangements are either non existent or not easy to obtain. You should also ask about the manufacturers policy of guarantying continuity of parts, you may be surprised that even some larger manufacturers are now not stocking parts after 3 years, and others simply tell you to throw it away and buy a new machine.

Bottom line: For fast, economical, quiet and the “printed” look, you can’t go past a laser printer. Check on local service arrangements both during and after warranty.

PS. Second hand and refurbished laser printers are usually available at around half price and offer great value for money: laser printer quality and running costs, at inkjet printer pricing.

What Is My Used Printer Worth?

Depending on the age, brand and condition of the printer, your used printer will be worth something to someone. We are constantly being asked for refurbished printers, which we sell with a warranty so you have two options to sell the printer once you no longer want it. Firstly, you can sell it privately provided that the unit works and can be easily installed by a potential buyer. You will often be offered more for your used printer privately as there is no built in margin for the dealer who wants to make a profit and also has to build in an allowance for warranties, etc. Take care if you are inviting people to your home for viewing or make this transaction. It may be better to pay $20 and hire a stall at a Sunday market or a Swap meet and have the peace of mind that your other home valuables are not being eyed off. The other method of disposal is through the trade. Whilst the price may be less, a trader will tell you immediately if they are interested and how much they will be prepared to pay for the unit. You will also have no obligations as to the condition of the unit and you wont have to face an irate friend or relative that found your bargain printer does not function as expected. Some dealers will trade your unit in on a new or another re conditioned printer and this is probably the easiest way to dispose of the unit. There are auctions that specialise in computer equipment and they will charge you a handling fee of between 15% and 25% of the selling price. Be prepared to show proof of ownership to anyone buying your printer. The last point we would like to make is that the old adage: “they don’t make them like they used to” is worth remembering with some printers and you could find that your printer may still have many years to go requiring only a service or relatively minor repairs. A telephone call or even paying a small quotation fee may save you several hundred dollars in the end. Whatever you do, don’t throw it in the bin, someone may want your printer no matter what condition it is in.



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